Biden Spends Weekend In Southampton "Sucking At Golf"

by GABRIELLE BLUESTONE · August 10, 2010

    While Michelle and Sasha dined with Spain's royal family, Veep Biden took a vacation to Southampton, shutting down airspace over the town and, according to Gatecrasher, "sucking at golf."

    "According to our source, however, Joe "Six Pack" didn't exactly prove himself to be boss of the moss. Biden, we hear, has something in common with Famous Ray's Pizza - they both do slices. And the source says, the vice president spent a lot of his tee time 'complaining.'"

    Biden also hit up the RichRocks trunk show with his wife at the Southampton Theory outpost on Jobs Lane, relaxed shirtless on Cryder Beach, ate ice cream, shook hands and posed with babies. Not a bad vacation, Mr. Vice President!

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