Are You An Asshole? Take Our Quick Quiz And Find Out!

by guestofaguest · June 15, 2010

    Are you a worthwhile human being or a selfish prick? Answer this one simple question and find out once and for all!- Ok, here's your dilemma: You just came into $72,000,000 and you have to spend it all at once. Do you:


    a. Pay for that pesky oil spill, saving thousands of animals and beaches and whatnot.

    b. Bail out the MTA, rescuing the public transportation system in the world's capital.

    c. Acquire a 34-story building in Chicago and, like, shelter the homeless or something.

    d. Feed 86, 400, 000 hungry people or

    e. Get this compound in Wainscott.

    Scroll down for your results!

    If you answered...

    ...A through D: Congratulations! You deserve to exist!

    ...E: You're an obnoxious douchebag! Not to worry, you'll fit right in with your new neighbors.


    [photos via Luxist]