Hamptons Billionaire Attempts To Build His Own Secret Museum

by Chelsea Burcz · April 29, 2011

    It has been reported that Ira Rennert, an investor worth upwards in the $20 billion range, has tried to skirt around Sagaponack's town building regulations by simply staying mum while attempting to construct his very own museum on his 63-acre hunk of land. His 110,000 square-foot mansion has already been dubbed "The House That Ate the Hamptons,"...but now the businessman wanted somewhere to house his $500 million art collection. Apparently, Rennert's daughter admitted the Town Board got in Rennert's way last year when he attempted to construct an outdoor bathroom. This time, Rennert didn't bother to inform them. Clearly the 39 bathrooms, 29 bedrooms, and temple is not enough! [via NYPost, Curbed]

    @HamptonsBorn, or Joe Schwenk, self-described as "Born and raised in EH. 3rd generation bonnacker. BH High grad. House Watcher. I farm, fish, paint (and powerwash). Doing my best to play nice with city people," tweeted:

    "I hear Ira Rennert is building a 10K/FT museum on his estate (AKA Ritz-Carlton Sagaponack) for his $500mil art collection---like Steve Wynn!"

    "Rennert should open his art collection to the public. Sagg already allowed him to build a theater bigger than any screen at the E Hamp Regal"

    [Ira Rennert, with Judith and Rudy Giuliani]

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