Hamptons Homeowners Can Make HOW MUCH Money This Summer?!

by Stephanie Maida · May 15, 2018

    If there was ever a time to brag about your place out East, it's now - and not just because of your famous neighbors.

    Whether you're a proud local or a seasonal visitor, a coveted property in the Hamptons can earn you some serious bank this summer. Providing you the perfect excuse to take an extended vacation elsewhere, Airbnb has estimated that a three-month listing of your East End home can rank in around $9,915! Heck, that's enough to rent a luxury camper and go off on a cross-country road trip, people!

    Estimates are based on a 50% occupancy rate, booking prices of listings with a similar location, season, listing type, and guest capacity, but you can calculate just how much your place can earn with their handy calculator. Just sit back, relax, and rake in the dough. And remember, being a good host also helps.

    [Photo via Airbnb]