Suit Up!

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 14, 2009

    While these trunks may not look like much compared to some of the patterned and pretty things we've picked before, in this case, it's all about quality. Birdwell Beach Britches, the mom and pop company based out of Santa Ana, California, is "hardcore surfwear for men". So hardcore, in fact, that the company that has been producing topnotch official lifegaurding boardshorts for over 30 years doesn't feel they need a topnotch website - But don't let their basic and less than aesthetically pleasing site fool you. Their product will certainly make up for it. So how did we find a company so obscure? We have to give thanks to a Hamptons native, straight out of Quogue. The surfer boy passed along this knowledge to me with a word of advice: The Cali company not only comes with custom done products and affordable pricing, but spectacular customer service. After he ordered a pair, Birdwell was concerned he ordered a cut too short for him. They shipped an extra pair of complimentary trunks, and called to see how they worked out. Now that's what we call good service.

    [Suit up!]