The Russians Are Hamptons Bound

by Anna Lombardi · June 21, 2011

    Oh boy, I have a feeling bathing suits are going to be a whole lot smaller in the coming months. According to The New York Post the "high-flying" Russian's are about to invade the east end. These high rollers travel in packs, so if a few are looking to switch up their summer plans, this most likely means a trend is on the way.

    Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, Russia's third richest man, and the current owner of the New Jersey Nets has been looking for an estate. This guys got a net worth of $18 billion, so money is no option. Thus far, his search has included a $15 million dollar estate in Sagaponack.

    Mikhail Prokhorov [Photo via]

    Another Russian on the list, is composer Igor Krutoy. This dude just threw down $23.85 million for a Gin Lane mansion in Southampton... no big deal. The best part is, it is rumored that Igor told his brokers he is going to tear it down and start from scratch. Good for you buddy. By the way, Igor and his wife just purchased a 6,000 square-foot condo for $40 million, in the Plaza hotel.

    Igor Krutoy [Photo via]

    Calling all Hampton gold diggers! Billionaire Russian bachelor, Igor Sosin, will also be among the wealthy Russians calling the Hamptons his home this summer season. Sosin, who owns the Russian equivilants of Home Depot, and Petco, has rented a massive home on Ox Pasture Lane in Southampton for July and August. The $860,000 estate has got a 3,000 square foot master bedroom, a carriage house, rose gardens, 50-foot water fountain, indoor and outdoor pools, a bocce court, a hot tub, a sauna and a gym.