The Simple Summer Share House Guide 2012!

by Chelsea Burcz · April 17, 2012

    Last year we helped you find the perfect (ok, maybe not so perfect) summer share houses with our handy dandy Simple Summer Share House Guide. You didn't think we would forget about you this year, did you? No way, Jose. Check out our handpicked Craigslist-ings for summer share houses that are just too good to be true.

    1. Let the Facebook stalking begin, indeed...

    About us: coed group of 25 - 27 year olds. Respectful of others but like to have a good time. Social drinking probably understates it but you get the point. Almost all of us are active and most play tennis. Not surprisingly for NYC, many of us work in finance. About you: male / female looking for a couple of weekends in the Hamptons and meet some new people.

    We have already paid for the house. Depending on the weekend, there will be one or two rooms available. Please provide a picture with your response...and then we can let the mutual facebook stalking begin :) [Craigslist]

    2. Weight loss body wraps and massages!? Count me in.


    3. Don't forget to include your number so that "nice Asian girl" can track you down... I think we know where this is going...

    Title of posting: A Nice Gril Looking for a Femal Roommate

    Hello, I am a nice Asian girl who lives alone... Shared bed room and kitchen, bath room. Very beautiful and clean apartment with all furniture in, you will get a single nice bed, and I am ready to share everything in the apartment with you. Just one little thing, this is a girl's place, All inclusive... I am looking to share this apartment with a clean, responsible, and trustworthy girl. If this description fits you, please send me a brief bio telling me a little about yourself and don't forget to include your phone number so that I may contact you to set up an appointment to see the place if necessary...NO deposit required~` [Craigslist]

    4. All the way back in the year 2000, the bachelorette party that never ends on Fire Island!

    Title of posting: Bachelorette party @ the Beach...Margarita Villas...THE place to Party (Kismet Fire Island...Making memories....)

    I started it all Way back in the year 2000

    All are Air Conditioned with PRIVATE baths in each

    Kitchens, private decks and stainless gas grills [Craigslist]

    5. Maybe bachelorette party and middle aged divorced males should have a mixer, no?

    Share my home with myself and and three middle aged divorced males [Craigslist]

    6. For those of you looking to shack up with some middle-aged professionals and a Kegerator.

    We're a group of fun, considerate city professionals (ages 30 to 42). We have 12 people per weekend and are almost all single... Our Saturday-night dinners are legendary. No Kismet sharehouse is better equipped for serious epicurean living, and no house has more amenities:

    *** Jacuzzi *** Outdoor Shower *** Decks with ocean views and organic vegetable garden *** Renovated kitchen loaded with cooking equipment (From ice cream maker, to a Chinese pig-roasting box. . .) *** Kegerator & full wet bar *** Bicycles, Kayaks, Boogie Boards, Surf Board *** Stainless barbecue, charcoal grill, and digital smoker

    Our house is not in any way clique-y. We prefer independent people capable of joining a house on their own--the kind of people who have lots of friends, but wouldn't mind making many new ones. Most people joined our house without previously knowing anyone, broadening all of our social (and networking) circles. And after eight years, we've chalked up seven marriages to our group. . . [Craigslist]

    7. Strong Island and sober.

    Strong Island Sober House. Need a nice clean Sober house to live ? you came to the right place. Rooms are going fast. this is what we offer. Clean responsible living for Adults living cleanly.

    No Alcohol no drugs of any kind unless perscribe by Doctor.

    Must be attending AA meetings and house meeting as well Must be working. no DSS @ this moment please Must help around the house to keep it nice and clean [Craigslist]


    8. Complimentary cocktails? No lines? Dinners at fancy restaurants? Let's just hope it isn't their job to entertain...if you catch my drift.

    Our nights are spent pre-partying with complimentary cocktails at the house before we hit the hottest A-list Hampton's clubs. Once we get there, no waiting in line and guaranteed reduced admission every weekend night! We also go for great dinners at the best restaurants all across the Hamptons. [Craigslist]

    But really guys, isn't slip-n-slide what sharing a house is really all about?