The Simple Summer Share House Guide: Hamptons Round 2

by Chelsea Burcz · May 12, 2011

    ...and we're back! Because we know there are some of you that are lazy and still haven't found that perfect summer share house. We are doing the work for you. Check out our summer share house guide, round 2!

    1. Looking for lovers. Seeking roomate/possible boyfriend...

    To pretty to be alone & just sick & tired of it but, I won't settle for just anyone. Do you feel the same way? Besides that life is tuff enough, why struggle in this economy when we could have the best of both worlds. Two is definitely better then one. If you can live in Mid-Suffolk County, your very attractive, 36-48, tall as I prefer the man I'm with to be then, send me your picture. (If I do not get back to you then, I am not interested.) I am very attractive, average weight, very loyal & honest which these days there is not to many left of us like that. You must be working full-time, be a non-smoker & love dogs. No kids preferred but, certainly not a deal-breaker if you wind up to be the right one. [via]

    Lovers mingle out East.

    2. Hmm...the ratio seems a bit off. But alcohol is included in rent!

    17 guys, 10 girls as of right now ages 21-25. Looking for 7 more girls to fill the house. Price for Memorial Day weekend from May 27-30 is $340.00 per person. Price includes food, alcohol and security deposit (You'll get $40.00 back at the end of the weekend for security) If interested, please reply to this ad with your information and facebook link if possible. Again, we are only looking for 7 GIRLS!! [via]

    Desperately seeking 7 girls!

    3. A 40 year-old deejay seeking "party girls"....

    My best friend landed a huge Construction job in east hampton for the summer. The person that hired him is letting him and his crew stay in his 15 million dollar manison on the beach for the summer. We are looking for a group of Party girls that want to come down on the weekends and Crash at our place. My friend and I are in our 40's but we are fabulous and love to meet new people. I DJ, so I will have the equipment set up. Memorial day is less than 3 weeks away so we are looking for some hot girls that want to come up for the weekend. Please send us your pictures, tell us a little bit about yourselves and we will send you a picture of US. [via]

    4. Love horses? This place is a must!

    We have rooms in our house for weekends in the Hamptons! Beautiful horse farm on 4 acres. [via]