Gridlocked on the LIE: How to Avoid Insanity

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · May 28, 2010

    Whether you've trekked to the Hamptons twice or 697 times, chances are you know how it feels to be stuck in traffic on the LIE. Because there is always traffic on the LIE. And it always sucks. Until now!

    Just kidding (if we could do a chauffeured Maybach giveaway we totally would, that's just not really in the cards right now...), but Always Hungry New York is here to help with their expertly compiled list of places to eat along the drive. So next time you're stir crazy on the expressway, tummy grumbling, break out that iPhone and consult Always Hungry's Food Stops for Your Hamptons Drive. Pull over at the next exit and enjoy.

    And once you arrive at your destination, check out their Best of the Hamptons 2010 restaurant list. From burgers to lobster, its all here, and Always Hungry even suggests the best order at each place. That means no more eye-rolls from moody waiters who inexplicably despise being asked what they recommend. Sign me up.