Gwyneth Paltrow Hits Nick & Toni's

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · August 8, 2008

    gwyneth paltrow in the hamptonsAs I will be gone in PA for the wedding of New York City Ballet's Principal Ballerina Abi Stafford, I decided to come enjoy my house just for Thursday night. Since I hadn't been to Nick & Toni's in awhile, I found myself craving their famous roast chicken and zucchini chips! The service was particularly bad which was very out of character, and it wasn't long before I realized why! All attention was being paid to one large table where sat Gwyneth Paltrow and her friends! And a friend informed me that she graced The Laundry with her mother the night before...

    No surprise... This weekend Miss Paltrow with friends Madonna and Steven Klein and Detail's magazine from 8-11 on August 9th will be hosting a benefit for Amaryllis Equine rescue at Steven's estate. The tickets are a pricey $500 however, so I hope you've been saving up!

    Another fun fact about Nick and Toni's... In the off season, the restaurant known for it's high prices does a $25 dollar three course price-fixe which INCLUDES two tickets to the East Hampton movie theatre. Now THAT'S a deal!!!

    [Photo via LI]