How To Survive Monday Nights In The Hamptons? Please Do Tell

by KENDRA SEAY · June 9, 2009

    The GofG Hamptons crew needs a little assistance. With all the buzz that's been surrounding Blue Parrot along with what we believed to be solid proof they were open, we decided what better way to spend our Monday night than heading to East Hampton to check it out for ourselves. Upon our arrival, we were greeted with a dark, empty Blue Parrot and a "Sorry We Are Closed" sign... No biggie, we know you are open Blue Parrot, and we WILL be back (insert evil laughter here). As we headed elsewhere for our Monday night dinner outing, we came across one closed restaurant after another...and it was 9pm. Is there any hope for dinner for a party of three on the East End after sunset?! If you know of any grub spots open past 9pm, PLEASE let us know before we start to look as emaciated as those girls who dance on the banquettes at Pink Elephant.