Interview With Turtle Crossing's "Purple Turtle" Creators

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 11, 2008


    Claire and I were the very first guests at Turtle Crossing's "Turtle Tuesdays" last night...where you go dressed in turtle garb to receive your free "Purple Turtle", the drink invented by chef Arthur and served by bartender Greg. This hot spot in East Hampton is quickly becoming a favorite of ours. We had fish tacos over Memorial Day weekend, and last night we got to try their specialties: jalapeno-stuffed hush puppies and parmesan-encrusted grilled corn on the cob (my favorite!) If Southwestern grub isn't your thing, go for the drinks, the cool staff, and the in-the-know patrons. Not only were we given a full tour of the place (including the kitchen),  we also learned about all of the spots favored by the locals directly from the horse's mouth...the fabulous local lady who shared the scoop with us, as well as her hush puppies! mmmmm......

    Click Below for the Secret "Purple Turtle" Recipe!!

    Claire Willett

    The Purple Turtle:

    Just Mix: Christiana Vodka Welch's Grapejuice Apple Sour

    Shake it up and serve!!!