Round Swamp Farm: Why It's Worth Coming 'Round

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 3, 2008

    [Image via Round Swamp Farm]

    Sure, we all have our favorite place to buy sweet corn and local produce, and I am not recommending that you let your loyalties stray, but there is one magical farm stand in East Hampton that offers something that few stands do: Round Swamp Farm on Three Mile Harbor. Not only do they have amazing produce, Round Swamp also has a fish market that rivals any high-end grocery in freshness. Throwing together a last minute dinner party? Instead of making your own guacamole, pick it up at Round Swamp. You won't be disappointed. On your way to the beach? Bring some of their famous "chicken balls" as a snack. They're DELICIOUS and come in both the buffalo and BBQ varieties. Wash them down with Shelly's Sun Tea which is unique to Round Swamp and the most deliciously refreshing iced tea I have ever tasted. Round Swamp also carries a variety of spices, rubs and grilling sauces from Stonewall Kitchen in Maine as well as other brands.

    All of this sounds wonderful, but there's more. Upon entering Round Swamp, one cannot ignore the intoxicating smells that pour from the kitchen. These belong to the pies that are cooked continuously throughout the day, but are still very hard to obtain. As they make the perfect ending to any dinner party, the pies disappear almost as soon as they are set out. A little secret: Because the pies are in such demand, you are able to call ahead to reserve one the morning of your dinner party. Can you ask for anything more?

    -Written By Eric Spear