Surf Lodge Buys Their Glasses From Bowery Street

by Stanely Stuyvesant · June 18, 2008

    surf lodge buys glasses from bowery street

    It's Wednesday...which means it's the day I start itching to get back out east where there's open air to run around in and no office meetings. While I'll be back there tomorrow already, I still miss the Hamptons today. That's why, when I saw this box outside the restaurant supply store on Bowery street I had to smile. It was just sitting there, getting ready to get loaded into a truck and be taken out for shipment to...SURF LODGE in Montauk!? I know Surf Lodge! I was just there! Oh what great mussels they have there! Oh what an attractive staff they have! Oh what a great deck! I exclaimed in my head, like I had a secret that no one else passing by could share in on.

    On thinking this through more, I am starting to wonder why Surf Lodge, which is all the way in Montauk (so far out that many don't even consider it part of the Hamptons), is ordering its glasses from Bowery Street. I love it. In any case, Surf Lodge is doing well that they need more glasses to handle the influx of visitors they are getting....