The BEST Place To Catch The Sunset Out East

by Christie Grimm · August 23, 2019

    For all the traffic, snooty slow-driving rich people in their small vintage cars, and overpriced and impossible-to-get-a-reservation restaurants, there are in fact many perks to the Hamptons. The beach, the seafood, the stars, and the sunset. The best place to take it all in? The very end of it all - quite literally. George's Lighthouse Cafe.

    Posted up at the Eastern most tip of the island right next to everyone's favorite lighthouse landmark, with the most unpretentious vibes and sweeping ocean views as far as the eye can see, George's is the ultimate local spot to catch the sunset. Honestly, Surf Lodge doesn't have anything on this place. 

    Serving up the seafood staples everybody loves, from Fried Calamari and Crab Cakes, to Lobster Rolls and Shrimp Tacos, they've also live music every weekend, bringing in a wonderful, lively crowd of East Enders. Just don't be an amateur and forget to bring a sweater - everyone knows Montauk is secretly the windiest place ever."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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    [Photo via Jess Dalene]