What Do You Think About Serafina East Hampton?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 20, 2010

    A recent commentor TomTom had the following to say about opening weekend:

    Had dinner there last night, a Sunday, arriving at 9 PM. Fabio was standing at the entrance but he looked far from being interested in the restaurant. Very nice hostess, seating took about 15 minutes, took another 20 minutes for the waiter to take our order even so this was passed the 8 PM rush. Drinks arrived shortly thereafter. A shared appetizer took 10 minutes to arrive, but then the sh*tshow started, nothing came out of the kitchen for the next 45 minutes even so at this point the restaurant was mostly empty. Waiter kept on telling us the kitchen is slow, then finally said 2 cooks didn't show but food should be out shortly. Told us he would comp desert and his manager apologizes, who cares, why doesn't the manager come out? When we were about to leave, the food finally arrived, salads and pasta that took 1 hour. Food was mediocre. The waiter then told us he will comp some of the drinks because we didn't want desert at this point. When the bill came, they comped us 3 drinks. Wow! Good bye and never again. Not once did the manager come out or Fabio, who was still standing outside manning the door! The table next to us, same scene. Makes 8 customers who won't come back. Glad they signed a 20 year lease for that place.

    Do you agree, disagree?  Discuss amongst yourselves.