Sag Harbor Town Decides To Give Ferry Service A Shot

by Sam Bobley · June 13, 2012

    Starting this summer, Sag Harbor will permit ferry services to Greenport for the first time ever. Village code previously outlawed both passenger and vehicular ferry services, but a 4 to 1 vote by the Board of Trustees in early May has amended this rule. Don't make any plans for next year thought, the ferry may not be permanent.

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    The Board’s ruling will only last until October, at which point the ferry legislation can either be extended, or discontinued. Village residents have been worried for years that a ferry service in town could be more troublesome than helpful. One of the main concerns is parking. Most Sag Harbor citizens chose to live in the sleepy town to avoid heavy traffic, but the new ferry service might attract just that.

    Other locals are more optimistic about the ferry’s effects. It will provide convenient transportation to Greenport, and could increase the business of nearby shops and restaurants tremendously.

    The first few months will be very indicative of the Sag Harbor ferry's future. So get out there and try it while you can, because no one knows if the ferry will be making a return appearance next summer.