Paris Hilton Denied By "Hipster Hottie"

by Maggie McGlinchy · June 22, 2011

    Well THAT's embarrassing. Apparently Paris Hilton has a wandering eye despite the fact that she's kinda sorta still with Cy Walts. When she was at South Pointe in Southampton over memorial day weekend, a "hispter-looking hottie" DJ made her look twice and so she immediately sent one of her minions to tell the greaseball that she wanted him to approach her.

    Yes, that's right, she sent someone else to stage a potential interaction. (That's hot?, not really) Well, he declined. Wooommmpppp. How does that feel Paris? Apparently not too great because Hilton's spokeswoman said the story isn't true. Oh Paris, don't you know denial isn't the answer? Especially at the ripe age of 30! [via NYDailyNews]