The Native Society Holds 'Best Of' Poll. Vote For GofG Now!

by Mara Siegler · June 14, 2011

    The Native Society, the ultra-exclusive and powder-blue turtleneck-approving social network by Oliver Estreich for those born of a certain pedigree in New York City, is holding its Best of Poll.   Vote! And vote for us! Yes, we made the cut and are included in your list of choices!

    Despite their members-only policy and strict criteria for joining, the poll is open to the public. It's most likely from lack of technical knowledge on how make this private on their highly intricate web site, rather than a wish to include the plebian masses, but that just means their failure is our gain. is up for the award of Best Society Mag/Site against honorable contenders Avenue Magazine, New York Social Diary, Gotham/Hamptons Magazine and more. As of right now, it's a tense, nail biting race to the win. The stakes are high, the voting low.

    Devorah Rose's Social Life Magazine has zero votes, as does PAPER Magazine. GofG is currently tied with Jason Binn's Gotham/Hamptons magazine with a staggering 5 votes each, or a whopping 29% each of the vote. We need your help in order to take home the trophy, which we are assuming exists and is gold plated and covered in Ivy, to attain a new level of social cachet!

    Those who run may not be from New York, but the site was born here, and as a native New Yorker deserves to be acknowledged and lauded for it.  Go HERE to cast your vote for us!

    And while you are there, why not vote in the other categories such as Best Private School. Will it be Browning over Spence? Will Dalton take all?  Will the best scene be minor-laden booze and sex haven Nello, the gown and dinner-jacketed Cipriani Downtown, or chichi taco joint La Esquina?  Can Boom Boom beat Mr. H as the place for trust funders to hang when it comes to hotel bars?  Doubles will certainly see a spike in membership applications if it beats Core Club. So go ahead, do it. Vote now.

    For more on the Native Society, check out the links below. Just remember, as their web site states: "As thefacebook became facebook on its global expansion, theNativeSociety is reversing this process by putting “the” back into the social network and “t” back into tNS."

    The Native Society: Reclaiming the Word "The."

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