Miss Mortimer, It Is Time To Upgrade

by Anna Lombardi · June 14, 2011

    Tinsley Mortimer and her boyfriend of over a year Brian Mazza have called it quits. Mazza is Vice President at Paige Management Group, in which clubs like Dune, located in Southampton, fall under. Because of this, Miss Mortimer spent a large quantity of her time partying it up at AXE Lounge last summer... but not this year!

    Now that she is back on the market, we heard that she is has already grabbed hold of Riff Raff club partner Hari Kalyan, and has been sending texts from his phone. Tsk, tsk, Tinsley, no more club boys! We also heard she going to be spending this summer in Europe (how chic of her), but we know she is known for making Hamptons appearances, so Tinsley, we have some advice for you...

    Brian is a babe, but he is a nightlife guy! Even when the pair first started dating he said,

    "We're having a good time going out to clubs and to dinners." [via]

    Tinsley, Tinsley, Tinsley, I am twenty two and I know that this does not sound like the type of courting that is going to lead to anything serious! Maybe she knew this fling was not going anywhere, I mean it was only in 2009 that she split from ex-hubby, Topper Mortimer, so maybe she was just looking for some fun!

    Tins (can I call you that?), you are not getting any younger. You are a total bombshell, and have so much to offer! Be sure to soak up the sun (and the men) in Europe. But, when you do make your Hamptons come back, avoid the whole club thing.

    Grab a group of girlfriends and get your drink/dining on at some of these places! Who knows, maybe you will find your next hubby!

    1. Serafina (East Hampton)

    The Serafina East Hampton location is gorgeous and has a fabulous bar to post up for a meal or a glass of wine. Just like their New York City locations, the food is always consistent and the vibe sophisticated yet posh. You will be sure to attract handsome men with a young attitude and a good pallet.

    2. Navy Beach (Montauk)

    If you are in the mood for more of a scene, stop by Navy Beach for a drink and dinner. You can start with cocktails out back, and work your way into the dining area, mingling with hotties along the way. Usually the guys here are getting their pre-game on for a night of drinking. They will most likely be in a pack of three or more, and their jeans might be on the tighter side. You will find comfort when they start dropping names of places you frequent in the city.

    3. Crows Nest (Montauk)

    Reliable service and food, yummy tequilla sunrises, gorgeous views and babes everywhere. Crows Nest offers a similar trendy, yet laid back vibe as Navy Beach,  with a bonus... fresh meat. Because Crows Nest doubles as a hotel, you are going to expose yourself to people in the know. Should you hit it off with some newbies who have a room you got yourself a hotel party!

    4. Harvest on Fort Pond (Montauk)

    The family style set up at the Harvest means the guys are out in full force. The younger men might be on double dates, but the older, more mature guys are splurging on bottles of wine and savory dishes. The outdoor seating allows for stunning pond views, without a stuffy atmosphere. The presence of douchebags are at an all time low, and the staff is always accommodating (should you need to add a few new friends to your dining experience).

    [Photo via]

    These spots are still trendy and fun, minus the bottle service, 18 year old boys, and 30 year old men who act like 18 year old boys. Mingle at the bar, table flirt with the hotties across the way and get the after party going somewhere where you are your own DJ.