What's Coming To Southampton: New Stores, New Looks!

by Chelsea Burcz · May 10, 2011

    We spent some time in Southampton over the weekend and couldn't help but notice all of the new shops popping up! Check out what to look forward to this summer.

    Hitting the main streets in Southampton, it's hard not to notice all the construction being done to the local stores...

    1. Feeling fabulously British? Jack Wills is opening up shop in Southampton this summer.

    2. Taking a hint from Martha's Vineyard, The Black Dog General Store coming soon to Southampton!

    3. Besim's Cigars has moved - and a hip new clothing store is in!

    4. Edit summer will be back in bloom May 26th with a new look.

    5. Looks like Sitara Naghavi design is showing up.

    6. Renovations! More stores a-comin'!