Eavesdropping In: A Lawsuit Over McMansions, The Anti Fedora Sentiment Began Long Ago

by Dena Silver · August 17, 2012

    -Beth Rudin DeWoody lets Hamptons Magazine into her Southampton Home, and that art collection is just as amazing as you'd expect [HamptonsMagazine]

    -An 83-year-old Southampton woman is going after the town for allowing McMansions to pop up around her. She's so confident in her case, she will be representing herself in court [NYPost]

    -The anti-fedora sentiment in East Hampton dates all the way back to 2010. Would that be considered vintage? [CurbedHamptons]

    -Hamptons Free Ride just keeps growing, and for some, they are easily the best part of East Hampton [TheEastHamptonStar]

    -With lack luster home sales this year, it seems that talking real estate is no longer proper cocktail hour etiquette [NYTimes]

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