Eavesdropping In: Amanda Knox Accused Again, Ben & Jerry's Invents Parks And Recreations Ice Cream, Anthony Weiner Wants To Choose His Successor

by Chelsea Burcz · June 28, 2011

    Michele Bachmann launches Presidential campaign in her native town of Waterloo, Iowa. [Gawker]

    BET executive Stephen Hill is taking full responsibility for the snafu that overshadowed much of the BET Awards on Sunday, as Tiffany Greene announced Chris Brown as the winner of the Cocoa Cola Award, then corrected herself and said Rihanna won. [LAT]

    Anthony Weiner wants to help choose his successor. [NYP]

    Convict accuses Amanda Knox of murdering Meredith Kercher while on the stand at Knox's appeal trial. [Jezebel]

    Ben & Jerry's comes out with new Parks and Recreation ice cream flavor called "Ron Swanson's All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have." [PH]