Eavesdropping In: Dan's Two Forks Have Been Taken, A Little Background Info On South Pointe

by Dena Silver · July 19, 2012

    -Dan's Papers Taste of Two Forks mascot, two huge forks, have been stolen. So not cool [Dan's Paper]

    -How about a new beach on Napeague, you know, because that's the logical response to the unruly beach drinkers in Amagansett [CurbedHamptons]

    -South Pointe's owner Steven Tedeschi provides some background info about his Southampton nightclub. Even including that if you show up with a group of guys, you'll be waiting on line for a while [Hamptons.com]

    -So, Quidditch has made it's way to the Hamptons. Can we expect some sort of fundraising gala in it's honor next summer? [27east]

    -Maximilian M. Eicke, a Bridgehampton based furniture maker, promises a personal appointment and a donation to charity with each purchase from his collection [SouthamptonPatch]

    [Alesso via]