Eavesdropping In: Hurricane Irene To Be A Multibillion Dollar Catastrophe, Pitbull Apologizes To LiLo, And Anthony Weiner Takes is Pregnant Wife To Italy

by Chelsea Burcz · August 26, 2011

    Hurricane Irene could be a multibillion dollar catastrophe! Yikes! [NYTimes]

    Lady GaGa has a surprise performance lined up for the MTV music awards on Sunday (of course she does). [PH]

    The forecast reporters who got stuck covering hurricane Irene are the unsung heroes of this disaster. [Mediaite]

    Pitbull apologizes to Lindsay Lohan for using her name in his song "Give Me Everything," but she isn't phased, and is suing him anyway. [TMZ]

    Anthony Weiner takes his pregnant wife to Italy. [NYPost]