Eavesdropping In: Lady Gaga Surfs In Mexico, Russia's East Coast Has Sharks, And Kanye May Not Have A Fashion Line After All

by Chelsea Burcz · August 19, 2011

    A Virginia man who was convicted of raping and suffocating an 88-year-old woman was executed in the state’s first use of a new drug cocktail. [AP]

    Lady Gaga surfs in Mexico... and she ain't half bad! [TMZ]

    Russia's east coast is having an unusual spate of shark attacks. The Sea of Japan isn't known for large sharks, and authorities say these are the first ever recorded in the area. [AP]

    Kanye West might not be working on a fashion line after all. [AkuviProject]

    The Jolie-Pitts settle in a 16th century mansion in Scotland. [People]