Eavesdropping In: LIRR Makes Enjoying Brunch Possible, A Washed Up Whale In Hampton Bays

by Dena Silver · August 13, 2012

    -Tycoon George Soros announced his engagement to businesswoman Tamiko Bolton, 42 years his junior, to friends and family in the Hamptons this weekend [HuffingtonPost]

    -You can now enjoy a peaceful brunch on Sunday mornings because the LIRR just added a new line departing from Amagansett at 2:55 PM [Newsday]

    -Hungry on the beach? Don't you worry, because Townline BBQ will deliver you a hearty meal. Just don't go overboard on the fried mac and cheese! [EastHamptonPatch]

    -A 50-foot-long whale washed up on the shore in Hampton Bays this weekend. And was promptly given a makeshift funeral on the beach [27east]

    -Before long Sweet 'Tauk lemonade will be available nation-wide, but for now enjoy it's sweet (and healthy) taste at local shops on the East End [BangStyle]

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