Eavesdropping In: Say Goodbye To The Barcelona Boat Party For Good, Love Is Found On The Hampton Jitney

by Dena Silver · July 13, 2012

    -We're already mourning the death of the Barcelona Boat Party, although hoping for a miracle might help [SagHarborExpress]

    -A shoe store in Bridghampton where the merchandise is chosen with the Hamptons social scene in mind [HamptonsMagazine]

    -This couple found love on the Hampton Jitney, and so much of it that a bus was part of their elaborate engagement plans [EastHamptonPatch]

    -Oh, so the d-bag in a Bentley that just flipped you off lives in a rental home with a price tag of $500K per month? It all makes sense now [CurbedHamptons]

    -So the most brilliant combination ever might be Chefs and Champagne, especially when you get to spend your evening at the Wolffer Vineyard [ZagatBlog]

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