Eavesdropping In: Utah Still Has Weird Liquor Laws, A Great White Shark Jumps Into A Boat, And The Comedian Who Pied Murdoch Is Already Out On Bail

by Chelsea Burcz · July 20, 2011

    Utah's liquor laws may have relaxed, but they are still as weird as ever. [NYT]

    The guy who invented the wheel on Wheel of Fortune, Ed Flesh, passed away at age 79. [AOL]

    A Great White shark jumped into a boat full of researchers while they were studying the breed of sharks. It was trapped on the boat for an hour! [Gaurdian]

    The British comedian who pied Rupert Murdoch is already out on bail. [Gawker]

    13 year-old body builder is on his quest for "perfection." [Jezebel]