Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 1, 2009

    Gardener to the stars, P. Allen Smith, must be thinking of all the grass he now needs to cut in order to pay off his DWI fines and court fees. Over the weekend Smith crashed into a utility pole and flipped his car after losing control while driving drunk [NY Post]

    If NIKE can make a shoe in honor of Jones Beach, then they can certainly make a shoe in honor of the Hamptons. I can just see it now, a pair of undeservingly over-priced seer sucker kicks with a touch of snobbery [Hypebeast]

    Did the LIRR get the best of Betsey Johnson? After a, what must have been unforgettable ride, Johnson is now considering retiring because she is fed up of the commute to the Hamptons [NY Mag]

    If you are looking to buy your self a palace in the Hamptons with "resort like" amenities and Zebra carcass rugs, then plan on shelling out $49.5 million. Technically this is a steal considering that the home was priced at $10.5 million more last year at $67 million [Corcoran]

    It is about time those in the Real Estate Biz starting dishing the truth on the state of the Hamptons industry, instead of sugar coating bad sales with overly optimistic statements [The Improper]