Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 17, 2009

    Let's hope that our dearly beloved hang out spot, Surf Lodge, does not get shut down early this summer season. Not only does it look like their Tracy Feith pop-up shop illegal but they are facing several other food service citations [East Hampton Star]

    Jules Kirby has always had quite the wardrobe, so we'd definitely advise her against adding an American Flag to it. Apparently, it's too late for that one, because it's already landed her in the slammer. On the Fourth of July. And no, we are not missing the irony in all of this, and we hope you aren't either. [Cityfile

    Art aficionados, the Michael Jackson painting by Andy Warhol has returned onto the scene at the Vered Gallery. After originally being pulled from auction, due to a high volume of interest, the painting is back and will be on auction until August 18th [NYPOST]

    Is it possible that Tory Burch got too sick of living in the same Hamptons home she and her ex-husband used to share, that she needs to tear it down? Burch recently petitioned to the Southampton's Architectural Review Board to raze her $22.5 million dollar estate [Cityfile]

    After some mathematical calculations, is looks like renting the sandcastle estate in Bridgehampton is costing someone $30,357 dollars a day. And no, this is not a joke, some human being out there is seriously spending $425,000 to live in this home for two weeks [CurbedHamptons]

    Need a few basic tees or a cute cotton dress? Looks like American Apparel has finally made it to the East End. Its first shop is located in the Tanger Outlet Center in Riverhead. Where might the next shop be...[American Apparel