Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · July 22, 2009

    Chace Crawford does not seem to be that into public transportation. For his 24th birthday Crawford chartered three private planes to fly him and fifteen friends from Dallas to New York. He spent the weekend partying it up at a private estate in Watermill, NY [USWeekly]

    What...no more bonding moments by the campfire!? Looks like the East Hampton Town Board wants to rain on everyones campfires. Well at least the ones that are on lifeguard bathing beaches [Hamptons.Com]

    One of Georgica's head chefs, Robert Hesse, made an appearance on last night's episode of Hell's Kitchen. Does this mean that Hesse might be leaving his position as head chef at Georgica? We would really hate to say bye to Georgica's diver's scallops and truffle ravioli [GrubStreet]

    Let the battle begin. On July 28, The Surf Lodge will appear before the Suffolk County Bureau of Public Health to defend or confess to the health violations they recently accrued [EHP]

    Can good food make up for bad service? A recent report about the now open Mezzaluna Amg. is that prices are a little high, food is decent, but service is atrociously bad [Curbed]