Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · August 6, 2009

    Although pedestrians would like to think otherwise, there is a reason that the cross walk was invented. Note to all the Hamptonites out there: the cross walk is for walking, the roads are for driving. [TRH]

    Thought you were once too good for thrift stores? Think again. The economic recession has benefitted at least some retailers this summer.  Thrift shops throughout the Hamptons have reported an increase in sales in comparison to previous years [SHP]

    The idea of a drive-in-movie is not a forever pastime. Although it is hard to find a permanent drive-in-movie theater in the Hamptons, Southampton has been hosting drive-in-movie nights this summer. The next movie night will be Aug 10th, showing Madagascar. [27east]

    Who could argue that beer, bbq, and wine can assist in making a weekend good. However, finding all three of these together is not always an easy task. This weekend the North Fork craft beer, bbq, and wine festival will be held in Jamesport, NY. [Thrillist]