Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 5, 2009

    Sticky fingers and complaints from Montauk residents are all that the Montauk Fine Arts Fair seemed to result in. Hopefully the vendors had a good time and did not lose too much revenue in swiped goods [East Hampton Star]

    Tommy Hilfiger's 10th freestanding store in East Hampton, will be exclusively selling lobster prints and cricket sweaters in their new line "Hampton's Bohemia". Welcome back Mr. Hilfiger to the prepster scene. [Hamptons.com]

    When looking for a steal in the Hamptons, the word, foreclosure, should jump right at you. One Bridgehampton  home that had been in foreclosure, is now priced at $16.9 million, down from the original asking price [Newsday]

    In the theme of being enviro-friendly for World Environment Day today, stop by the Hamptons Home & Garden show in Southampton to pick up some new energy efficient tips and home trends that are so smokin' no one can ignore them [ExploreLI]