Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · June 18, 2009

    The first season of The City was nothing short of a snoozefest. On Saturday Whitney Port was seen at Lily Pond, sans Palermo, but in tow with new wild "vixens" names Samantha and Roxy. We are wondering if Roxy knows how to get on a surf board seeing as it is the only thing that can spice up that show [RealityTVworld]

    Has getting a hand-drawn portrait of Fluffy been on your to-do-list since 1994. Well spending $125 at the J.Crew in East Hampton, not only will get you a few prepster pieces, but fame artist Ricahrd Heines will sketch anything you want with your purchase. Even if that means he has to draw your best pet, Fluffy [Dan's]

    Shopping at Hermès, sleeping at c/o The Maidstone, and dining with Ralph Lauren are all part of Haute Living's list of "How To Do The Hamptons In Style". The list includes how to travel (by air, preferably), where to sleep, where to shop, and who you should know when visiting out here [Haute Living]

    A little bumper to bumper never hurt anyone. There is still controversy over the South Fork Summer Charity Concert and Event. Due to traffic concerns the Citizens of Amagansett cannot put aside their concerns for the benefit of local food pantries [Hamptons.com]