"The Best Guests Come Bearing Gift"... Built-In Bikini Jeans

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 25, 2009

    If you frequent the nightclubs out here, we're sure you've seen some unusual fashions. Florescent pants. Hot pants. No pants. But you probably have never seen anything like this: The built-in bikini jeans. This Asian sensation is causing mayhem in the Eastern world already and considering the amount of thongs we are forced to view see when we go out to clubs at night, we think these might solve the problem. Because if you're going to flaunt it anyway, why not make it a bit more respectable? Afterall, these at least offer a bit more coverage. We're not sure how the doormen at Dune or Pink Elephant would feel about girls walking up to the ropes in these, but hey, if you're denied access, you can always hit up the Drift Inn.