5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

by Anna Lombardi · August 12, 2011

    Can you believe that it is already mid-August? Thanks to the wonderful world of advertisement, fall has been on my brain for two weeks. We are all aware that we are only down to a matter of weeks to soak up the sun and justify our day drinking. This got me thinking. What is there left to do out in the hamptons that I haven't had the chance to do? Here it is folks the five things to do on the East end before summers end.

    Paddle Boarding session

    This "zen like" exercise is a great way to get color, work your core, tone up those arms and spend the afternoon on the water! As long as you are on a flat pond or lake you are good to go. The other great thing about paddle boarding is, as opposed to your first first surf lesson where you are in everybody's way and causing a scene this is a pretty much an idiot proof activity.

    Dinner at South Edison

    For some reason South Edison always gets lost in the sea of my go-to dinner places in Montauk. The menu is fresh and light, and the raw bar looks out of this world. Let me just talk food to you for one second, (insert sex phone voice here) olive oil braised baby octopus tacos hen of the woods mushroom, pickled red onion, roasted tomato + guajillo chili salsa, crème, queso cotija or if octopus is not really your thang, maybe grilled swordfish with zuchinni blossom fresh garlic, farro, tomato, bagna càuda, and good water farms micro basil is.

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    B East Spin Class

    If you are a lover of spin, you know all about Soul Cycle's Hamptons locations. Don't get me wrong I love me some Soul Cycle, but B East is where it is at to shake up your ride (so I hear), my close friends and my husband (Alec Baldwin) are all about it. Also, this place has Zumba and other fun work outs, and is right in the charming town of Amagansett.


    Who is with me? Long Island Skydiving is not exactly in the Hamptons, but far enough out east that when you take your jump you get views of Hampton beaches. What better season to jump (or shit your pants, either way)?

    I am also dying to make one of these awkward videos...

    Crash A Wedding

    August is the season for happiness and weddings out east. The great thing about a majority or these weddings is that they are taking place at venues you may find yourself at for a little sunset cocktail. A perfect example of where pre-gamers meet wedding parties is at the Montauk Yacht club.  I am dying to pull a "Justin Bieber" on a reception one of these days, and in full wedding crasher glory drink, dance, eat and toast my way through somebody else's event. Perhaps I will say I am just a guest of a guest? I can see it now... [Photo via]