Seeing as there's really no such thing as a secret in the Hamptons, I figured I might as well just lay all my cards on the table. I've been spending summers out East since I can remember. Growing up spending time in Montauk, I can genuinely tell you that I did not step foot in a Hamptons restaurant until I was, like, 19 and in college. Back then, there were no restaurants in Montauk. You went fishing, paddle boarded, fell asleep at the beach, and then grilled up your catch for dinner. Or, on special occasions, grabbed pizza from town and fried chicken from Herb's. 

As is always the case with time, things have definitely changed - for the better and for the questionable. I now spend a large part of my time eating out, and call East Hampton home base, though I still love to jump on a boat and go angling for sea bass, and still exclusively wear bathing suits as real clothing out in public.

Click through for my guide to a weekend well done. And make sure to keep your lips sealed - these are my places to ruin, not yours!

[Photo via @crowsnestmtk]