Bedazzled BAND-AIDS By Cynthia Rowley

by BRITTA LOFGREN · August 24, 2010

    Did the weekend's failed attempt at surfing or maybe the tumble off the bar at RdV East leave you a little beat up? Don't worry, Cynthia Rowley's got ya covered - literally.

    Available at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Cynthia Rowley stores, and, the designer's newest collaboration with BAND-AID Brand will have you excited again about covering up your boo-boos, just like when you were young.

    Traditional styles slightly resemble printed surf boards lined up on the beach (or maybe we've just got Montauk on the mind...) and square renditions mimick the precious jewels we'd be more likely to find in an East Hampton boutique than at the local Rite-Aid; with the number of label-lovers rampant in the Hamptons (and Team GofG's somehow always failing depth perception) we forsee these little bedazzlers becoming quite popular for the final days of skin-showing summertime. Additionally, one dollar from each sale at Cynthia Rowley will be donated to Design Ignites Change.

    Check out BAND-AID Brand by Cynthia Rowley as well as other Cynthia Rowley goodies at her Montauk location: 696 Montauk Highway, at the Memory Motel.

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