Bitsy's Bookshelf: Tipsy In Madras

by Adam Bertrand · May 28, 2008

    [Image via Amazon]

    For those of you interested in establishing, or further solidifying your preppy persona, Gofg is proud to present Bitsy's Bookshelf. Because we know that you know that your co-workers/ fellow Dalton sub-committee members/ God's Love We Deliver benefit co-chairs don't seem to realize that sumer is coming, our first book will hopefully serve as an anxiety-queller and mood-booster. Tipsy in Madras, by Matt "Johhnie" Walker and Marissa "Mitsy" Walsh is a "Complete Guide to 80's Preppy Drinking," filled with advice on what to sip, where to sip it, and what to wear while sipping. The tome is tongue-in-cheek (perhaps because Matt and Marissa grew up in the 90's and went to public high school before Yale), but edifying, with chapters like "Summering: Drinking Light in Tennis White" and "Do Brahmins Drink Budweiser?: Yes, But They Own Better Horses." When my next gin and tonic craving hits, I'll know to buy Gordon's instead of Bombay Sapphire (Preppies "avoid brands that commit the vice of excess"), unless it's the end of summer, when only a Bacardi and tonic -"the drink of choice for the Mid-August going-away beach-side soiree," savored in "Daddy's sweatshirt" while playing "backgammon" will do.