Summer Weekends In The City...SO Underrated

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · May 28, 2008

     Admittedly, I am the type of person who lets “minor” holidays pass her by. When there is too much work to do in Manhattan, ignoring the holidays becomes a survival mechanism akin to denial. And OH, how we like denial – especially when it puts us on the Upper West Side on a quiet – so, so quiet – Sunday afternoon. As we walked down Broadway, passing Grom, the ASPCA’s adopt-a-pet van, and Memorial Day sales galore, the UWS was all “gelato and puppies and shoes, OH MY!”

    It was a veritable wonderland for girly girls who also like slow, sunlit, summer strolls down the avenues and across the streets of our beautiful city. So while gelato, puppies, and shoe sales could turn a pig farm into a destination, let it be known that New York City in the summer is a weekend destination in its own right.

    Sure, it’s hot and teeming with tourists, but there is nothing better than being able to take advantage of our neighborhoods sans hustle and bustle. Our free weekends (when we’re lucky enough to get them) can be all our own, no travel necessary. Our apartments can be our sanctuaries and our neighborhoods can be our source of scenery and serenity as they slow to the pace of summer. We have history, parks, and light. And as you get close to the water, there’s even a guaranteed breeze.

    So not only should we thank the Summer Fairy Godmother for turning our big city into a small town on the weekends, but we should take advantage of the fruits of her labor, as well. That is, of course, when we’re not partying it up with Rachelle and Claire in the Hamptons.