Champagne, Rosé, And "Un-Birthdays"

by Stanely Stuyvesant · August 25, 2008


    The themes of my weekend.  After drinking too much champagne in Quogue, and not enough Rosé at East Hampton soirees, I winded down my weekend in my favorite summer spots for a true "un-birthday."

    Upon explaining to George Gurley that this was the "Summer of Surf Lodge" for me...I had to follow up with that bold claim, ending Sunday night listening to Bebel Gilberto's beautiful voice wow the guests at Luigi Tadini's "un-birthday" bash.  Never have I seen a more stylish, and gracious host than Mr. Tadini as he made sure each and every one of his guests were taken care of.

    I wish I could stay out here forever....or at least a couple more days.  But it's back to New York, a city on the verge of some big thing I keep hearing people talking about.  Something to do with fall, and fashion.  I can't comment yet, my head's still stuck in the sand.