Clothes Makes The Time Warp

by CARSON GRIFFITH · July 24, 2009

    [Elliott Foote, Christine Blaha, and Chris Robbins. Picture from Society Allure]

    Did we miss the memo about the Michael Kors store opening in Easthampton being 70s themed? Looks like these two on the left certainly didn't. In their big, bold prints, they look like they're ready for a cocktail party circa 30 some years ago. Whichever, we want to give props to Elliott Foote for his shiny loafers - we love the retro touch it adds. Hey Chris, didn't you get the memo? While his simple combo of neutrals, and a button down with rolled up sleeves he looks color coordinated with his crew, but we're not sure he'd be let into the disco in that outfit. Great for a store opening though!