Guilty Pleasures Of Summer

by Anna Lombardi · August 2, 2011

    Summertime is a weird time period where the rules relax for everyone and indulging yourself is more acceptable. (Rose wine, gawking at polo players for an entire day, and Cyril's all fall under this category.) But I got to thinking about what I really do differently in the summer...

    Day drinking

    Once summer comes, my slightly alcoholic tendencies are not looked down on, but embraced! When I look for a strong something at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Thursday in the city, people judge, but once summer is on, 1:30 is a late start to a Thursday afternoon drinking session.

    Yeah it's 12 pm, and yes I need another drink, do you have a problem with that?

    No, it is not later than 4pm and it is pretty safe to say nobody (including the chick trying to get out of the water) in this picture is sober, but it's okay because it's summer!

    Boogie boarding

    Boogie boarding is arguably the most guilty pleasure of summer for me. I feel like such a doofus admitting it, but once the beach is less crowded and the ocean is empty I just need to grab a board and have a go. I never learned how to surf, but I think that even if I ever do, I would not give up the thrill of the boogie. Don't fight it, you love it also.

    This guy knows what I am talking about... [photo via]

    Summer napping

    I am a year round napper, but there is an undeniable difference in the amount of nappers from season to season. Even people that are not "nappers" nap in the summer. It is funny how exhausted a long day of doing nothing at the beach makes you! Once you hit that 5 pm wall, it is time to get in an AC filled room or snuggle up in the sunshine for some shut eye. There is no better feeling than emerging from your nap, showering and having yourself recharged for a long night. The only reason this is listed as a summer guilty pleasure is because there is always that one friend who shoots down the idea of napping, leaving you to feel foolish for your reboot... screw 'em.

    I find the "wrap up"  to be unnecessary, and irritating, but you know what? Who am I to judge? Nap on brother! [photo via]

    Beach hair

    Okay, let's just get one thing straight here, I shower an abnormal amount of times per day. In fact, I pride myself on my hygiene. That being said, there is no hair do, like a salt water hair do. There is nothing more pleasurable during the summer season than the luxury of showering off from the beach, and not having to wash your hair because you have a natural beach wave that is sexier than your typical "blow out," not to mention holds up better throughout the night.