Let Us Introduce You To The Sloppy Tuna Face

by Anna Lombardi · July 29, 2011

    So we heard Charlie Sheen has been hanging out at the Sloppy Tuna, one of our favorite week night spots, so it must be cool, right? Well, we are about to make it super cool. One night, while throwing back a few drinks at The Tuna, I called somebody a "sloppy tuna." Without missing a beat, he turned around and flashed what has now become known as the Sloppy Tuna face (or Sloppy Tuna-ing) amongst friends, and most recently strangers... Sloppy Tuna-ing at Montauk Yacht Club

    Planking and owling are what they are -- but, if you are going to be weird, be gross and weird. Obviously you are not taking yourself too seriously if you are posting up on a table or hooting from the median at the Point (you know who you are).

    The original Sloppy Tuna took his skills to the casino. Sloppy Tuna-ing at a casino.

    Getting our Sloppy Tuna on at Citi Field (the only thing grosser than the sound of that is the Mets)

    Send us you and your friends Sloppy Tuna-ing! Anna.Lombardi@guestofaguest.com

    And Charlie Sheen, if you're reading this, show us what ya got!