This Summer's Forecast: Sunny With A Chance Of Good Hair Days

by Maggie McGlinchy · July 20, 2011

    There's nothing like a good hair day, especially when it comes naturally (or not so naturally). You have to make sure you're taking care of your tresses, and that goes way beyond just washing it and throwing in a little product here and there. You may think the sun is your friend because you're developing those natural highlights for free, but what it's actually doing is destroying your mane. Beach hair feels  and looks great, but if you don't watch yourself you'll end up with stringy, dingy, brittle hair. No thanks. Luckily Beach Tomato has provided us with the gift that keeps on giving: they have introduced us to SachaJuan's SPF shampoo and conditioner.


    So go ahead and roast poolside all day or go prance around on the beach, showing off for that surfer bro you got weird with last night at the bar because you no longer have to worry about your locks. And of course, if you want to maintain your look all night long, all you need is a little dry shampoo and you're all ready to go. Game on, ladies!