For most, summertime means getting shoved onto a supposedly air-conditioned subway car, packed in like a sardine, probably next to a sweating stranger with BO, all the while foundation is melting off your face. Glamorous right? Meanwhile, summer for the remaining 1% looks something like this: hopping on a helicopter out to the Hamptons, drinking rosé, spending days poolside, drinking more rosé, shopping in town, more rosé, dining in one of the many 5 star restaurants, even more rosé, and then eventually heading out to one of the hot nightclubs with 25 of your closest friends... every weekend. 

The Hamptons is the number one summer destination for anyone who is anyone. While we're sweating on strangers in the subway, they're lounging on blow-up swans in their summer homes. There are definitely ways to do the Hamptons on the cheap but if you really want the whole experience, check out how to weekend like the 1%.

[Photo via @funboylife]