Making A Statement: My Yacht Or Yours?

by KATHERINE KAPNICK · June 3, 2010

    The homeless grunge look has been en vogue for a while now (thanks, LA!), but it never really gelled with the whole summering-in-the-Hamptons schtick.  Until now! Read on.

    Stores like Intermix and LF have made valiant attempts  to introduce the faux-thrift trend to the Hamptons over the years, but there's always been something a little too poor about the whole thing.  Meet Wildfox, the newest hipster-chic design company that paired LA-style with a Hamptons message.

    With the $77 cut up shirt Ripped Rock Tee by Wildfox, you can have your cake and eat it too. The shirt's pink anchor motif is decidedly waspy, and its discreet slogan ("My yacht or yours?" its wearer boldly wonders,) reeks of illicit affairs staged on multi-million dollar toys. So Hamps!  As an added bonus, you can walk around completely mute at the Montauk Yacht Club or Day & Night Yacht Party this weekend and simply point to your shirt...that hottie with a yacht-y will immediately know what's up.

    Pair the sassy oversized tee with your most destroyed pair of jorts, throw on some gladiators, a panama hat and a pair of wayfarers and you have yourself your very own Hamptons-ready Coachella outfit*!

    *Note: Hair and face should not be washed within three days of wearing.

    [Wildfox My Yacht or Yours Ripped Rock Tee available at Obligato, East Hampton or online at]