Perfecting The Pool-side Party Plunge

by CARSON GRIFFITH · August 10, 2009

    [A very soaked Roger Gladstone. Picture by PATRICK McMULLAN for PMc] Even the most interesting of parties can sometimes need a pick me up every now and then. And if you've ever told us you haven't hoped that someone at a party made a slip, a spill, a slight trip into the pool to spice things up a bit - well, we might have to call your bluff on that one. While we think all the cannonballs and thigh-high H2O dance parties that have occurred so far this summer at the Social Life Estate seem to be at the swimmers own desire, regardless, when you mix booze and a pool you're bound to get some disasters... So you have to wonder - by the end of the night, how many people end up in the deep end at a pool-side party by their own choice, by pure accident, or due to their friend's sense of humor? Whichever way you look at it,  we have to give it up for those who take the plunge good naturedly - like Roger Gladstone here, who had an unlucky tumble at The House Of Faith N' Fashion To Benefit Chabod's Children Children Of Chernobyl event with wallet and all. Lucky for us Patrick McMullan was there with his camera to catch all the action we spotted from across the pool - and Roger was such a good sport about the whole thing, posing for shots and laughing with friends. Now if only more people would follow suit. Just make sure to put your cocktail - and phone - down first.