Pinkies Up It's Rosé Season! Do's & Don'ts

by Anna Lombardi · June 24, 2011

    Rosé is known for being light and crispy, so obviously it's most popular season is summer. However Rosé does carry an air of, shall we say "pretentious sophistication" with it. It's for this reason exactly that I have made a list of the acceptable places to appropriately sip on this summer beverage. Because, let's be honest, ordering rosé at a dive bar is equivalent to asking for your beer pong glasses to be filled with champagne...

    1. Weddings

    Before things start getting weird, you just want to be loose enough to mingle. Rosé has a way of saying, "yeah, I'm looking to relax, but I can also carry a conversation... for now that is."

    2. The beach at sunset

    There is no better way to end your beach day than with a icy cold class of rosé. But beware of sand! You don't end up with an added surprise at the end of your last sip.

    You can almost hear the Kenny G music... [photo via]

    3. On a boat

    Drinking on a boat is great fun, but with just mass amounts of water ahead it will be very easy for you to polish off your bottle of rose, so drink responsibly.

    Guess it was more of a Rosé day for Pinot lover Ramona singer, a perfect person who really should be wearing a life vest when drinking, (and possibly just in general). Girl, get your life vest on! [Photo via]

    4. At a Country Club cocktail party

    Nothing says W-A-S-P like some R-O-S-E. Throw on your pearls (or seersucker shorts) and brush up on your political chatter. Perhaps no species love their Rosé as much as Wasps.

    These guys know what I am talking about [photo via]

    4. On a roof-deck bar

    Ordering a glass of Rosé where bottle service is offered, is an awesome way of letting everybody know you are high maintenance. However, summertime and roof-decks are just as much of a pair as Rosé and Summer. Ordering high above the city sends out an air of maturity that should keep you surrounded by good company.